What is the Value of KTV Digital Art?

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Physical Products

With the purchase of one of our tokens you will receive unique instructions on how to get significantly discounted (or even free) merchandise from our store. This means that along with the potential Investor profits, you are guaranteed to get a return on your money invested!


The value of our digital art is connected to the ethereum blockchain. Simply put, if you were to purchase one of our tokens for .0489 ETH (translates to $59.46 USD at the time of writing) as the price of ETH increases,  the value of the .0489 ETH  spent will also increase. In general, when you buy something at a low price, then sell it at a higher price in the future, that is how generational wealth is built!


Early adopters are the individuals that gain a competitive advantage. As we continue to grow our services, our tokens are speculated to see equal growth. It is our mission to provide artwork that consumers are proud to have in their portfolio. However, if desired to sell, we are proactively taking steps to put all KTV investors in a position to sell for profit in the future.

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