In everything we do our biggest asset or liability is our mindset. The defining attribute that separates the successful from the un successful, the motivated from the un motivated, is mindset. Before you can take physical action to achieve your goals you must first have the right mindset
     The two major differing mindsets are fixed and growth.
If you have a fixed mindset you take comfort in setting goals that you know you can achieve. While this sounds smart, what happens when you have an internal goal that seems out of reach? It is likely that you will keep it to yourself and if you do take action on it, you will stop at the first sign of defeat. This is because your mindset tells you that your qualities are fixed and therefore can't change. With this mindset you subconsciously tell yourself that you aren't capable of improving your weaknesses. The reason someone may physically practice something over and over again without seeing any results is because even though they are working on the task, they neglect to work on their mindset. For example, imagine someone learning how to shoot a basketball for multiple hours everyday but during those hours they're telling themselves they're practicing because "they CAN'T shoot" People like this will only see results by gaining confidence seeing the ball go in and then they start telling themselves "they CAN shoot" This is just one example and of course in basketball there is required strength and coordination when someone is first starting out. However, this concept describes an experienced player who one day can be on fire then the next day cold. They did not lose strength and coordination over night. It is the mindset
     Even if you aren't an athlete and the examples in the last paragraph didn't resonate, it is imperative that you do everything in life with a growth mindset. If you have a growth mindset then you enjoy the process. You don't have to wait to see results to feel rewarded. You feel motivated by getting 1% better everyday. The biggest shift happens when you realize that at no point will you have "made it" and can stop seeking growth. The reason we enjoy video games is because there is a new challenge at every level. If it was too easy we would eventually get bored. In life people become complacent and un motivated when they stay in their comfort zone for too long. There are many reasons one may gravitate to a fixed mindset. I believe the biggest cause is from the effects of seeking to protect the ego, which is what will be discussed in post 2.